•  Green Roof

    Green Roof

  •  Custom Table

    Custom Table

  •  Cut Steel

    Cut Steel

  •  Custon Water Feature

    Custon Water Feature

  •  Custom Beer Tap

    Custom Beer Tap

  •  Working at Grey Leaf Design

    Working at Grey Leaf Design

  •  Custom Art

    Custom Art

  •  Soil Test

    Soil Test

  •  Custom Fireplace

    Custom Fireplace

  •  Custom Steelwork

    Custom Steelwork

The Lab is more than place, it is education, experimentation, creation. It is where art flows, and above all, is a mindset of design freedom. The Lab is an avenue where our ideas and dreams come to life.

The Lab is where we test and learn. This is evident in the use of scientific methods and processes to prototype and experiment with many of our ideas and theories.

The Lab has produced many one off sculpture pieces, and has produced a vast array of steel, aluminum, and wood pieces. These pieces include custom cor-ten fireplaces, water features of steel and stone, metal and stone sculptures, public and private, custom furniture, and has even acted as an incubator for Grey Leaf’s newest division, Grey Leaf Gabion.